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The Vision Gap In America!: 6 Examples

When Donald Trump, campaigned, and ran for President, in 2015 and 2016, he used a seemingly, effective, campaign slogan, Make America Great Again. Perhaps, we should have been concerned, because, not only, does this indicate, his belief, we needed to go back, to greater times (thus, assuming, we no longer, are great), but, it suggested, his vision, instead of looking to proceed, with a viable plan, and solution, to address, the evolving changes, and needs, now, in a relevant way, and, in the future, in a sustainable one, he sought the so – called, good – old – days)! More…

5 Factors Which Might Determine How/ Why People Vote For A Candidate

In every election, a variety of circumstances, reasons, rationale/ reasoning, personal considerations, prejudices, and, who, actually, takes the time and makes the effort, to vote, etc, often, determines the victor! As I am writing this article, today, America will have its final day, to cast its vote, and determine, the next President of the United States. Will the current occupant of the White House, Donald Trump, be reelected, or, will the former Vice President, Joe Biden, become the 46th President of this nation?

Critical Thinking: Does The Mainstream Media Define How People Perceive Reality?

For quite some time now, more and more people have turned their back on the mainstream media. While some of these people rarely, if ever, find out about what is going on, there are others that now look towards the alternative media for answers.

Goal Setting:Seven Areas of Life for Making Dreams Come True

What do you want to be? Where do you want to be? What would you like to do? What would you like to achieve? Success in life needs a purpose that should reflect who you truly are. A vivid vision of your ideal future opens your eyes to your goals and their end result. Choices and decisions ultimately, affects the quality of your future life. Its all about giving your future a purpose that is best suited to your nature.

8 Protections Which Would Make US Sane Again!

When, Donald Trump, ran, his surprisingly, successful, campaign, in 2015, and 2016, and was, then, elected, President of the United States, he emphasized, his slogan, Make America Great Again. This slogan, has, potentially, a variety of meanings, dependent upon, who, looks at it! Unfortunately, it seems, the focus of the President, was on dividing us, rather than trying to create a meeting – of – the- minds, for the common good, and often, made statements, many perceived as being, divisive, polarizing, prejudiced (against minorities, women, LGBT, etc)!

Much – Needed American GOALS!

Should American aim, to be, the example, to the rest of the world, for democracy, freedom, and liberty, for – all? Or, what might, this nation look like, in the future, if we continue, along, the path, we seem to be, currently, pursuing? Most realize, we face, numerous challenges, and obstacles, and, if, some priorities, are not addressed, in a well – considered, timely manner, our nation will be, a far different – looking, place, in the future, than we need, and desire!

What Should The SOUL Of America Represent?

In most political campaigns, little time, and/ or, effort, is spent, trying to fully consider options and alternatives, and, articulating a positive message, stating why one deserves the public’s trust, and explaining, not only, where one stands, but, how any plan will effectively address needs and priorities, and the true costs of proceeding forward, as compared to the risks/ dangers, of proceeding, merely, with the same – old, same – old! Too often, all we hear is political rhetoric, and empty promises, in an attempt at playing, populist politics, instead of considering ramifications, sustainability, etc! Perhaps, more than ever, before,…

Voter Intimidation Could Be A Problem

Voter intimidation is nothing new, but it could be a problem in the election taking place in the United States. It is against the law.

6 Dangers Of Populist Leadership!

We have always, witnessed, and experienced, some degree of populist leadership. However, today, we observe, a somewhat, dangerous, degree of populism, which, often, includes, using empty rhetoric, and promises, instead of, seriously, considering, the best path, forward, to enhance and protect our future, while addressing the challenges, presented to us, at – present! Although, it may be human nature, to try to blame others, and then complain about the results, of doing so, populism only works, because voters, are often, manipulated, by telling them, what they want to hear, instead of what, they need to know, and consider.

COMMON Sense And The Greater Good!

Why does it seem, so often, common sense, is, anything, but, COMMON? Although, in the past few years, we have, unfortunately, witnessed, what appears, to be, a breakdown, in many aspects, of basic, human decency, the greater good, will only be served, and benefit, when civility, quality reasoning, and understanding, one needs to constantly, learn, or will fall behind, are basic, essential elements, of nearly, all areas of our lives! Unfortunately, in today’s America, it seems, there is a conflict, between, the haves and the have – nots, and in the past few years, that gap, instead of narrowing, or even,…

Can America Be SANE Again?

When Donald Trump, was a candidate for President of the United States, from, and throughout, his run, for the Republican nomination, and continuing, during his Presidential campaign, he successfully used the slogan, Make America Great Again, which clearly, seemed to motivate, and inspire many, especially his core supporters. After, nearly four years, of this administration, many, whose approach to governing, might be significantly different, feel the level of discomfort, disharmony, and polarization, is, at an extreme height, we have rarely witnessed, before, in recent memory, predominantly, due to the rhetoric, and statement, articulated, by this individual. Some, if not, far…

Can We Afford 4 More Years Of This PRANK?

Many seem to believe, Donald Trump, never, really, believed/ thought, he would, either, the party nominee, nor, elected, President of the United States, in 2016. There have been, many theories, as to, why, he won that election, and some believed, then, his election, would be a nice diversion, to, politics – as – usual, and, what they felt, was a sort of, PRANK, would do no harm, and hopefully, change things, for the better! From the onset, it seemed, this President would be different from his predecessors, and his use of Social Media, promises, rhetoric, etc, would create a far – different,…

Why Populism Is Often, Not SMART Policy?

Many politicians, seem to believe, their best course of action, is populism! They, often, resort to making empty promises, and using rhetoric, seemingly, in their quest, to get elected! Unfortunately, this approach, may be, politically, savvy, but, often, isn’t SMART policy, because it doesn’t fully consider, relevant, and sustainable needs, and priorities, nor bring – about, the finest, most viable solution!

Denials, Lies, And Being Tired, Don’t Make The Pandemic Go – Away!

Every day, it seems, there’s another article, or report, stating many, around the world, are suffering from Pandemic Fatigue! After, so many months, it is natural, many would be sick – and – tired, of living with the public health restrictions, but, shouldn’t common sense, tell us, it’s better to feel that way, than to become, ill, and/ or, worse? In the United States, where, with less than 5% of the world’s population, we have suffered, with over 20% of, both, the cases, as well as pandemic – related, fatalities, different states and regions, have approached, this situation, differently.

When The Politics Of Hate Wins, Democracy LOSES!

Perhaps, because, so much of our everyday lives, are exposed to so much hatred, etc, it is essential to pay keen attention, to realizing, when we permit the politics of hate, to win, our democracy, and the associated, principles, LOSES! Many believe, the present tone, of American politics, especially, in the last few years, seems to emphasize, adversarial relationships, polarization, etc, using empty promises, and rhetoric, emphasizing hatred of others, rather than trying to bring – us, together, for the greater good! Basically, it is time, to be concerned, and demand better, because, when we permit these politics of hate, to win,…

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