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6 Reasons We Need A Smooth Transition

Throughout, American history, regardless of the rhetoric, differences, vitriol, and divisiveness of the election campaigns, United States Presidents, consistently, permitted, a smooth transition, to the President – Elect, not necessarily, because, they wished to, but, I like to believe, due to knowing, it was, in the best interests, of this nation! As I am writing this article, we are witnessing, this administration, and Trump’s political appointees, especially, the woman, who runs, the General Services Administration, deny the reality of the election (despite, nearly every major news media, declaring Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden, the victor), and refusing to proceed, forward, in…

What Are the Ways to Save Environment?

Numerous Small measures Go the long way Turn off electrical machines when not being used. Fitting out machines from the attachments on the off chance that They are not prone to be utilized for 7- 8 hours. For instance TVs can be stopped out medium-term.

8 Norms, America Needs Restored And Preserved

Personally, I have never understood, the reasoning beyond the enormous, apparent attraction, Trump’s supporters, appear to have, for him. However, it is obvious, his core supporters, are amongst the most loyal, devoted, and believing, of people! While, there are numerous reasons, probably, for this support, I believe, one of the essential reasons, is the desire for change, which they believed, would make things, better for them, and aligned with certain feelings, political beliefs, etc, especially, regarding, getting – rid – of many of the norms, which most Americans have taken – for – granted, because it disagreed with their personal/…

When the Dust Settles… After 2020

Learning from 2020. Learning to Listen. Respecting other points of view. What’s next?

Princess Sisi – Tragic Austrian Empress

Princess Sisi was born a duchess into the royal Bavarian House of Wittelsbach in Munich, she became the most famous empress in Austrian history. She was fifteen years old when she went with her mother, princess Ludovika, and her older sister Helene to Bad Ischl where Franz Josef I was to propose to Helene. He chose Sisi instead and persuade his mother, Archduchess Sophie, to give them her blessing. She became Empress of Austria at the age of sixteen on 24 April 1854 and later, Queen of Hungary in 1867. Her beauty and her free spirit made her one of the most popular throughout Europe, often emulated as a fashion icon and for her perfect figure.

Trump’s Plan For DISORDER!

Although, nearly every news media, from the most liberal/ progressive, to the moderate/ middle – of – the – road, and, even, the more conservative ones, have declared Joe Biden, the victor, of the recent, Presidential election, President Trump, and his partisan supporters, have declared, there were improprieties, which they state, were an organized effort to steal the election! Is this, a true belief, panic, lying, manipulation, or another component of this President’s apparent, life – long, effort, to distort facts, to his advantage, etc? Many, including, me, believe, this is Trump’s pattern of behavior, and a key part of…

Biloela’s Pioneer Greek Immigrants

Biloela is located 594 km north of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia. It is 173 meters above sea-level and is the main town of the Callide Valley agricultural district and the administrative centre of the Banana Shire. Immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe began arriving from the 1920s looking for better circumstances and a more stable economic base. These pioneer immigrants have helped to make Biloela the town it is today. Their hard-work and sacrifice has produced the promised comforts, despite their tough beginnings and they are grateful for the good life they have been able to achieve in Australia.

Critical Thinking: Can Humanity Change The World By Voting For Someone Else?

At this point in time, there are numerous people in America, and in other countries around the world, who are looking forward to their being a new president. For some of these people, the icing on the cake is that, for the first time, the vice president will be a woman.

Will The End Of An Error Bring A Saner ERA?

Some believe we may be witnessing an end of an era, while others, feel, it is, hopefully, an acknowledgment of an error! If, this is merely, another, partisan, political change, but, we don’t witness, a significant, difference, for the better, in terms of bringing Americans together, for the greater good, it will be little more than, meaningless, and more, of the same – old, same – old! Instead of politics, as – usual, we may be, at a crossroads, where, either, it brings – in, an ERA, of greater sanity, unity, understanding, and mutual respect (regardless of political position/ perspective) and prioritizing…

Critical Thinking: Is The External World Showing Humanity What They Need To Heal?

With what appears to be going on in the world, it can be normal for someone to feel helpless and deflated. It can seem as though everything is getting worse and that there is nothing that can be done.

For A Saner Nation, We Need To Do These 7 Things!

After, perhaps, the most tumultuous, polarizing, four years, in America, in recent memory, and, after, an election campaign, which seemed to never – end, it should not have surprised, anyone, the election, itself, including counting the votes, especially, due to the unprecedented number of mail – in, absentee ballots, due to this horrific pandemic, what this nation, and the planet, needs, is far more sanity, and calm! For many reasons, polls indicate, the level of polarization, and bipartisan politics (and extremism), is dangerous, and undesirable, and, if, it continues, for long, poses a threat to the health and well -…

Critical Thinking: Does Politics Allow Some People To Avoid Themselves?

Nowadays, it can seem as though everyone and their dog is into politics, and this is vastly different from how it was in the past. This is something that interests a large part of the younger generation in particular.

Monsters Among Us

While looking back at Human history we realise that it is full of monsters. Some less poisonous and some very venomous but still very dangerous. At times These monsters were so powerful that they started fighting with each other in a battle of naming themselves super power and leader of the world by climbing on the corpses of millions

Is The Disharmony ‘Out There’ A Reflection Of The Disharmony That Is Taking Place Internally?

When it comes to what is currently taking place in the world, it is clear that it is not a very harmonious time. Due to the measures that have been put in place, irrespective of if they are the right ones, the world has been totally disrupted.

7 Goals/ Changes Needed Sooner, Rather Than Later!

If, you are like, many others, you are somewhat, uncomfortable, with the overall atmosphere, and present, tone of political discourse! While, it does little good, to harp – on, the past, unless/ until, we effectively learn, from the past, and become better, we will continue making these same mistakes/ errors, into the future! Will we learn, so our handling of future, challenges, and/ or, potential crises, better serve, and represent, the needs, goals, priorities, perceptions, etc, of the American public, the nation, and this planet, etc?

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