Top 5 Moment King Lion Failed Control Prey and was Knocked Down! Lion vs Zebra, Wildebeest, Gemsbok

Why We Need To Restore America’s HONOR?

Many people, including me, felt ashamed, by the behavior of a group, which instead of peacefully, protesting, acted, like a lawless – mob, and, illegally, took over the Capitol, and created a dangerous, threatening scene, which seized our seat of government, and made the United States, a laughing – stock, throughout the rest of the world! With a different, political party, elected, to control both Houses of Congress (by a very narrow margin), and a new President, who will probably, restore the perception of consistency, common sense, and greater sanity, than we’ve seen, these past four years, perhaps, this change…

Idealism Versus Pragmatism: Strengths, Weaknesses, And Why Pragmatic Idealism Is Wisest!

January 6, 2021, was a day, when several historic events occurred, which may have significant, relevant impacts, on both, the short, and longer – term, American Way of Life! We witnessed a mob, take over the Capitol, and caused many buildings to go into lock – down! Both Democrats, running for the Senate, from the State of Georgia, defeated their opponents (the incumbents), in a narrow way, and, after, many delays, caused, by a combination of partisan politics, and the mob’s insurrection, etc, the Congress, finally, certified the results of the November Presidential Elections, certifying Joe Biden, Jr, as President…

Critical Thinking: Does Humanity Need A Saviour?

During certain points in history, some people have looked for someone to save them from a challenging situation. Along with this, there have been individuals who have had the same need.

The Trump Way No Apologies

Today, we are seeing many Republican members of Congress spawn open aggression by ignoring the rule of law. The rule of law by their blatant refusal to accept our democratic process could very well engulf the United States into yet another civil war. The consequences of their actions show that they have unilaterally dragged the United States down into the swamp that is filled with treacherous undertows that could very well sink America.

5 Pragmatic Ways To Change America For The Better!

Although, at the time of this writing, the certified results of yesterday’s Senatorial elections, in Georgia, aren’t final, one of the contests, was called, for the Democratic candidate (over the Republican incumbent), and, in the other, with, approximately, 98% of the vote, counted, the Democrat holds a narrow lead, and, if, in – fact, this becomes the final result, it may become one of the most significant election days, in recent memory. At stake, is the control of the United States Senate, because, if these results, hold, the balance on that body, becomes, evenly split (at 50 – 50), which would mean,…

Critical Thinking: Is It Time For Humanity To Realise That They Are Co-Creators Of Their Reality?

At this point in time, it can seem as though the world is in a mess and that it will only get worse. As a result of what appears to be taking place, it can be normal for someone to feel helpless and hopeless.

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring! Let the whole world sing! What a powerful word freedom is; it conjures up visions of laughter, loving, fresh air, sunshine and excitement. People, animals and even plants grow with abandon when there are no restrictions. We can taste freedom, especially those who have been denied this most basic right. But, what is freedom, really?

5 Dangers Of Partisanship, To An Extreme!

Although, there is nothing, new, about partisan politics, the level of extreme – partisanship, we witnessed, these last four years, is, both, concerning, and dangerous! Regardless of one’s political perspectives, and/ or, preferences, the level of extremism, this nation is experiencing, largely because, Donald Trump’s core supporters, and followers, seem enabled, and entitled, by his rhetoric, apparent attitude, and behavior, which encourages (or, at the least, does nothing to discourage), behavior, which might be dangerous, to many, in our society! This President’s loyalists, articulated, apparent threats, and exhibited behavior, which should concern us, both, today, and, into the future!

6 Common Sense Values, Which Should Be Our 2021 New Year’s Resolutions!

Surveys indicate, most people believe, 2020, was one of the worst years, in recent memory! Few are sad to see it go! Whether, because of the horrific pandemic (and all, its impacts, and potential, undesirable ramifications), or because of the disturbing nature of America’s politics, and society, etc, almost everyone, hopes, the incoming year, will be far better, and the beginning of better things, to – come!

Bending/ Breaking The Pandemic Curve: 5 Things We Each Should Do!

With, the exception of those, who claim, to continue to deny the existence of this horrific pandemic/ virus, have experienced, nearly a year, unlike any, in recent memory (and, not, in a good – way)! Most have either, personally, been, either exposed, or infected, or know someone, who has either, experienced some of the ill – effects, or died! Instead of these numbers, becoming less fear – inducing, we are presently, experiencing, in nearly all parts of the country, the worst numbers, to – date, both in terms of cases, and/ or, fatalities.

Democracy In Question

The recent failure of Congress to reach an accord that would lift up millions of Americans out of desperation if only temporary has only been accelerated by one Senator and many other members of the Republican party. They have done it by their blatant disregard for the overwhelming majority of the publics well being. This is paramount to a hostile takeover of democracy.

5 Half – Baked Justifications Given For Avoiding Common Sense Public Health Behaviors!

No one, I meet, enjoys wearing a mask/ face covering, especially, on a regular basis, for any period of time! However, if one finds doing so, personally – challenging. imagine how he might feel, lying in a hospital Intensive Care Unit, wearing a respirator, etc, as part of the medical treatment for severe forms of COVID?

When Should You Feel It Is Safe To Go Back To Some Semblance Of Normal?: 7 Keys

It’s often felt, politics, and politicians, resorts to being, over – simplistic, and populist, in – nature, rather than, identifying, the best path, to follow, in terms of significant policy decisions, etc! We all realize, this horrific pandemic, in addition to, the health – related casualties, and concerns, has also brought, significant, dire economic/ financial/ job – related/ job – security, issues, which must be addressed, in a meaningful, realistic, relevant, sustainable manner! The impacts, can’t be addressed, simply, by, throwing – money, at the matter, nor, can, the overly, simplistic, counter – position, which states, we must reopen the…

The Concept of Social Malevolence Around The Globe

There is no denying the fact that the European Muslim Society has adopted recently a new theory in the form of a model. This inventive model has been developed to eradicate any intense dislike prevailing among the Muslim Society in Europe. This new-fangled event has been named ‘Hello! We are humans’. As a part of a weekend International Program, this event was celebrated in United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Australia etc.,. This magnificent event was chalked out by an International Islamic Community called ‘THE ISLAMIC COMMUNITY MILLE GORAS’ in short known as ICMG. It needs to point up that a plebiscite was held in 2016 with Braxiest issues of Britain and afterwards, such religion malevolence largely spread out home and abroad. In 2016 in Britain, about five thousand events bedded on Muslim revulsion took place and in 2017 it exceeds up to ten thousand with such awful religion malice as reflected in world report with due earth-shattering.

My Mother

There is no denying the fact that the person who is fighting for a just cause is always a great man. My mother is such a personality who have greatly influenced me to be more attentive and punctual towards the progression of my life. I like the most is my mother. She is one of the most fun-loving people I have ever seen. She is also very smart and independent. But what I like most about her is her helpful nature. She has changed my life by devoting me to be more attentive to studies. She never ignores an opportunity to help someone in need which is a great moral teaching for me. She is also very fond of children. My friends also like her. She has a good sense of humor which is often targeted at my father. My father doesn’t mind, though. My grandmother told me once that she used to be a very naughty and willful child and gave her teachers a very hard time. Such open-mindedness have taught me lot lead life cleanly and controlled.

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