Top 5 Animals That Can Knock Down Lions With Their Horns To Rescue His Teammate – Lion vs Rhino….

COVID-19 Is Real!

Most people contaminated with COVID-19 just have mild symptoms and completely recuperate. People who are more in danger with this virus are the senior citizens. However, majority of the individuals who have gotten the Coronavirus have recuperated or are recuperating.

A Life Of Fear And Uncertainty During This Pandemic

Life is filled with uncertainty. The current COVID-19 pandemic has increased vulnerability not only over the economy, business, funds, connections, but also in our physical and psychological wellness. As humans, by nature we long for security and a sense of control over our lives and prosperity.

Trump’s Legacy: 7 Areas Of Concern

Many believe, history judges the term and service of a President, based – upon his legacy! While, this word, is usually, used, to refer to property/ money, left, by someone, after he departs this world, but, in the case of this key, historical reference, it normally means, how, history will remember, him, especially in terms of the impacts of his tenure, on the future of the nation, etc. In the past, when we thought about, certain previous President’s motivations, etc, we felt these individuals hoped to preserve their place, in history, and thus, protect their legacy, etc!

When Will These Actions Be Considered Sedition?

Although, much about the election campaign, subsequent election, many controversies, behavior, rhetoric, and actions, of Donald Trump, were different from his predecessors, in recent memory, and many of us, had numerous concern about the impacts on our Constitutional guarantees, especially, in a relevant, and sustainable manner, and the potential ramifications, it was even more concerning, witnessing, the rhetoric, and implications, he articulated, leading- up – to, and after the recent election. Never before, do most recall, a level of polarization, within this nation, as currently exists. While there have always been political/ partisan differences, today’s issues, largely – center, around…

Tell Tale Heartless

While Trump continues to ignite a furor over his election loss we have to understand that when public officials, police, and armed forces act above the law anarchy rises. These people including Donald Trump are sworn to serve and protect the public. And, yet over the past 35 years there have been more instances that have given rise to anarchy in our streets.

Isn’t Using Constitutional Guarantees Selectively, Hypocrisy?: 7 Examples

Although, the level and degree of hatred, prejudice, bias, bigotry, and vitriol, may be, perhaps, the most obvious concerns, today, I am extremely concerned by how some of these people, wrap themselves in the Constitution, selectively applying specific aspects, of this amazing document, when it serves their purposes, while, often, ignoring/ denying, those, which disagree with their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Perhaps, far – more, than ever, in recent memory, we observe this behavior, so – often, these days! The level and degree of hypcrisy, would be laughable, if it didn’t also, have the potential, to be some…

5 Reasons, So Many Repeat What Some Politician Tells Them!

How many times, have you heard, or read, etc, some people, articulate some position, based, rather than, on personal research, facts, and/ or, fact – finding, simply, the political rhetoric, etc, some politician, proclaimed? Although, most surveys, state, the public, holds, most politicians, in low – esteem, especially, when it comes, to being honest/ honorable, however, many, believe, they have never seen, such a degree of any politician, resorting to the degree of lies, etc, as the 45th President of the United States! However, what might be, the most concerning, aspect, is, despite this, in this recent election, over 74…

The Reality Of A New Norm Or Is It?

The great push back to normalization now that a vaccine is out has only just begun. But, how can we define normal when the whole world is incased in the tight grip of financial and economic devastation. Devastation brought on by years of belligerent, callous and selfish posturing of political expediency that is always oblivious to the cries of the impoverished multitudes.

Public Officials Must DRIVE Their Constituents!

Most of us, have witnessed, what happens, when the public officials, we elect, to serve and represent us, prioritize their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than the best interests, of all our citizens (not merely, their supporters)! A leader’s intentions, and quality of character, are important, to know, and understand, before electing him, because, very often, these individuals are responsible for leading the nation, forward! They, often, must be ready, willing, and able, to DRIVE others, forward, in the most relevant, sustainable manner, rather than, simply, articulating, populist, empty rhetoric, and making, unfulfilled promises!

Lockdown During Pandemics – Need or Fear?

The Lockdown in many places during the spread of the novel corona virus 2019 has led to a new normal. Have we done this more as a need or due to fear?. Can it be proven statistically that the shutdown has prevented the spread of the virus?. How do pandemics end?. If they do end, then is it necessary to have measures to prevent the spread?

The Wild West – American Frontier

“No other nation has taken a time and place from its past and produced a construct of the imagination equal to America’s creation of the West.” (David Murdoch’s view of America’s Wild West image) Wild West history has fascinated people around the world and inspired the Western genre of film, television shows, comic books, children’s toys and costumes. Hollywood produced popular cowboy shows such as Bonanza, Rawhide, Cheyenne, Bronco, Sugarfoot, Wagon Train, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Rin Tin Tin – to name just a few. And there were the movie western heroes like John Wayne, James Stewart, Joel McCrea, Gary Cooper, Randolph Scott and Audie Murphy.

The Deadly Games Congress Plays

With all the hype played up by the media concerning the vaccine to eradicate Covid-19 there remains concerning questions about the actual long range affects and how successful is this vaccine in stopping the spread of this very deadly virus. There is a distinct probability of more mutations stemming from this one Covid-19 virus that very few are addressing. We have already seeing the very deadly results of what this virus is doing.

The First 6 Things President Biden Should Do

Whether, one supported, the philosophy, preferences, goals, and priorities, of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, or, felt, his actions, rhetoric, and plans, were contrary, to the best interests of this nation, and citizens, after, the pre – election, and post – election, events, it should be obvious, we need, to bring this nation, together, for the greater good! In recent memory, few recall, any previous President, who behaved, the way, this one did! When, political fact – checkers, proclaim, he has lied, etc, at an alarming, unprecedented rate, and, continued articulating statements, often – disproven, shouldn’t…

If You Want A Better Economy, Stop The Pandemic’s Spread!: 6 Keys

If, you state, you are tired of this pandemic, and, claim, Pandemic Fatigue, as your excuse/ reasons, for no longer, abiding by the suggestions, of the public health experts, instead of being a part of the solution, you are making, the problem, far worse! Everyone wants things to go back to normal, but, putting your boredom, and exhaustion, ahead of the greater good, keeps this horrific pandemic, and its horrendous casualties, spiraling – up! While, almost everyone, has suffered, during this prolonged period, individuals in certain industries, such as the restaurant, and entertainment/ vacation/ travel – related, industries, have been the hardest…

Your Preferred Candidate May Have Lost, But You Shouldn’t Be A Loser!: 5 Key Factors

Most people have, on several occasions, been disappointed by the results of some, specific election! Personally, this has happened, to me, many times, and, although, disappointed, and, even, perhaps, concerned, I realized, the American system of government, which, includes, the electoral process, depends on the people, electing their leader, in elections, which not only are free, and fair, but which, are perceived, as such. In my lifetime, I have observed many, close, contested contests, but, until, the election, this year, I’ve never witnessed, any candidate, running for the highest office, in our land, make the number of untrue, unwarranted claims,…

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