Return of the Prime Predators

Why We Need SANE Leaders?

Although, when Donald Trump, was a candidate, for the highest office in our land, his campaign slogan, was, Make America Great Again, many, feel, he has done, anything, but that! However, to demonstrate, the degree of polarization, within thic nation, at this point – in – time, his core supporters/ political base, seem to believe, in – him, and rarely question anything he says, or does, often, claiming, his claims are the true ones, and anything else, is a hoax, or worse! We should have been concerned, from the onset, because, when that slogan, is one’s central – theme, it…

5 Dangers Of Trump’s Rhetorical Exercises

We may never know, for certain, whether Donald Trump is a pathological liar, changes the narrative (for his advantage), believes his version of reality, or, something else, but, regardless of which reason, there seems to be, a variety of actual and potential dangers, created/ caused, by his rhetoric/ vitriol, and public statements, etc! Never before, in recent memory, have we witnessed, any President, who, consistently, appeared to be involved in another controversy, and/ or scandal. For someone, who campaigned, promising, he would drain – the – swamp, it seems, to many, he may have done so, merely, to make it…

5 Reasons Some Refuse To Wear A Mask

Although, nearly every public health expert, states, one of the most essential actions, to reduce, and control, the spread of this infection/ pandemic, and to flatten – the – curve, we continue to witness, a significant minority, of the American public, who refuse to do so, for a variety of reasons, etc! In areas of the country, where we witness, larger percentages of people, cooperating, by attempting, to comply with social distancing, and wearing a mask, when they can’t do so, or, are inside, a public building, store, etc, these regions, have been far more successful, in bringing – down,…

Why This President Believes He’s A PRINCE?

One of the most essential things, our Founding Fathers, wanted to ensure, in creating this nation, was, to ensure, we had no monarch, and no single individual, would possess, that degree of power, and authority. For that reason, they included language, creating, a Balance of Power, between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. For the most part, this did, precisely, that, probably, mostly – due, to those serving in the highest office, of the land, respected this approach.

Why Nothing Seems To STICK To Trump?

Those, who’ve studied politics, and its history, claim, they have never seen, any politician, public leader, or elected official, who, would not have been, dramatically – harmed, by the accusations made against this President, as well as the repeated lies, made, and proven to be untrue! Most remember the so – called, scandal, when Democratic primary candidate, Gary Hart, was photographed, on a boat, with a woman, who wasn’t his wife! The accusations against President Bill Clinton, led to his denials, and, then, being impeached, in the House of Representatives.

How Many MORE Must Die?

Almost certainty, 2020 will be considered, one of the most challenging, difficult ones, in recent memory, etc! The combination of the economic/ financial stresses, throughout the world, the rhetoric/ vitriol, articulated by President Trump, and the horrific pandemic, has created an atmosphere, of fear, desperation, and unrest, as has rarely been witnessed. For someone like Donald Trump, who seems to thrive on holding political rallies, doing so, during this period, has had the impact, of further dividing/ polarizing this nation.

Without Genuine EMPATHY, Constituents Suffer!

Wouldn’t we be, better served, and represented, if/ when, our public officials, regardless of political beliefs, etc, consistently proceeded, with the utmost degree of genuine EMPATHY? Shouldn’t they, prioritize, the perceptions, needs, goals, priorities, and needs, both, immediate, and longer – term, rather than, merely, their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? When, this is not the process, the reality is, constituents suffer, because they rarely, will receive the service, and representation, they desire, and deserve!

Trump’s Campaign Of Fear: Will It Be Enough To Reelect Him?: 6 Examples

Historically, we have seen many instances of individuals, focusing their campaigns, on stoking the fears, anxieties, prejudices, etc, of some part of society. This has, often, been, unfortunately, an effective campaign, often, however, bringing – about, undesirable results, and ramifications! However, in most cases, these candidates used blaming, and complaining, to state, the nation, would do far better, if they were elected!

Quality/ Quantity, And Employment/ Jobs: 6 Considerations

There’s a big difference, between, quality, and quantity, especially, when it relates to considering, the employment/ unemployment rate, and, whether, there has been, a corresponding, relationship, between the number, and availability of jobs, and wage growth! Many factors, and considerations, impact this principle, because, many studies, indicate, although, the unemployment rate, during the pre – pandemic, first 3 years of the administration of Donald Trump, moved to, relatively, low numbers, there has not been, any sort of corresponding, wage growth, etc! In addition, the federal, minimum wage, has remained at $7.

6 Significant Areas, Where Trump, And Biden, Differ!

How often have we heard, someone, in past elections, claim, he might not vote, because, it makes little, to no difference, and, they (all politicians) were the same, etc? In fact, during the Presidential election, of 2016, data indicates, as many, or more people, did not exercise their right to vote, than actually, voted! In addition, perhaps, because of the peculiarities, of the Electoral College, and, a candidate with the most popular votes, does not, always/ automatically, win, many potential voters have very little faith, in the American political system, or, the potential impact, their vote makes!

PART IV: UNREST: Violent Anarchists Derailing Progress

Anarchist violence is spreading like a rapid cancer metastasis. The destructive Marxists, and the authorities who turn their heads to their unbridled violence, both must be held accountable for the contagion of hatred, social injustice, and destruction they promote and tolerate. In essence, these cowardly ‘leaders’ are supporting and enabling the anarchy to continue and spread. There is never a reason for violence. For any real progress to occur, the anarchists, must be stopped.

PART III: UNREST: One Race-The Human Race

Putting aside the distracting violence that is ensuing now, competing with the pursuit of a higher calling to end racism in America, we must try to set aside all emotion and stay focused. There is no ‘supreme race.’ In the eyes of God, no one is better than anyone else. Everyone needs to be heard, and be protected from harm, regardless of background, gender, creed, or ethnicity. Everyone.

PART II: UNREST: The Cost of Coddling Anarchists

Up until now, mainstream media has refused to report about the anarchists for reasons unknown to the public. They have instead chosen to enable them by turning their heads. Moreover, because of the neglect and irresponsible decisions of some mayors and governors in some major cities, violent anarchists have been allowed to implement their destructive agendas, hurting and killing innocent many, disrupting the necessary work before us.

PART I: UNREST: Peaceful Protests Gone Awry

Though challenging for many public authorities, it is important for non-violent protesters to be able to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech, so central to our American way of life per the Constitution. For many, peaceful protesting is also about freedom of religion as people of conscience unite for a noble and important cause. With the Christian mandate to: Love one another-especially those who are hurting in any way, it all flows together.

6 Pros, Cons, And Considerations, Before Reopening Schools

Most would agree, face – to – face, teaching, for most, is, the overall, best way, to teach, and maximize learning! It is not, nearly, as simple, to resolve, as certain proponents, on, either side, of the discussion, appear, to believe, it is! Most public health experts state, the safest approach, is, to reopen, only, in areas, where the local area, is experiencing a low infection rate.

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