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5 Reasons Leaders Words Have Power!

Many seem to believe, we should ignore, the rhetoric, ramblings, urgings, and verbal emphasis, of public officials, and political candidates, however, it is essential to realize, and understand, these individuals words, often, have significant consequences! How many of us, believe, President Trump’s rhetoric/ vitriol, conspiracy theories, urgings, proclamations, denials, etc, don’t have a significant impact, on others? Some people find these actions, and behaviors, disgusting, and inappropriate, especially, for someone, holding the highest office, in our land.

Why Elections Have Consequences?: 7 Examples

How often, have we heard, someone state, it doesn’t matter who he votes for, nor, who we elect to public office, because, they’re all the same, anyway? Although, there have been many instances of elected officials, who failed to honorably, keep their bond, which was supposed to be, to serve and represent their constituents, rather than their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, even many of those, who always made this statement, realized, after the Presidential election of 2016, elections have consequences! Does anyone, really, believe, Donald Trump, has conducted himself, in any manner, like his competitor, would…

Will America Continue To Represent FREEDOM?

Every generation, or two, society faces, events, and/ or, circumstances, which, by, how they are handled, and our responses, often, determines the destiny of the nation, and society, both, at – present, and into the future! For nearly 250 years, the United States, has stood – for, and represented, liberty, justice, and FREEDOM, for – all, or, at least, many of us, perceived it, that way! Whether, we believe, and cherish this concept, or agree with the lyrics, Freedom’s just another name, for nothing, left, to lose, many seem concerned, with how, many of today’s events, actions, and political statements, as well as…

6 Essential Ways They Differ!

How many times, have you, or someone, you know, proclaimed, they wouldn’t bother, to vote, because, they’re all the same, it won’t make any difference, their vote doesn’t count, etc? While, in most cases, no candidate is perfect/ ideal, there often, is a significant difference, between them! Who, believes, that if the 2016 Presidential election’s results, were different, America would have not progressed, differently, in many, key areas, including: Climate Change progress (instead of denial, and avoidance/ procrastination); environemtal protections; the seeming – growing, of systemic racism; the composition of the Supreme Court, and lower Federal Courts, etc?

RBG: Celebrate Her Life, Mourn, And Ramifications For Freedoms!

If, ever, there was a poltical fight, worth fighting, for those, wishing to preserve many of those freedoms, we’ve grown accustomed – to, it’s the upcoming one, which we will witness, between President Donald Trump, and his partisans, versus, many moderates, and most liberals/ progressives, over the appointment of the Supreme Court Justice, to replace the late, Ruth Bader Ginsburg! It may be, an under – statement, that this battle, is more than, a mere, political one, but, rather, the fight, for America’s soul, and vision! Do we wish, to remain, a principled nation, believing, All men are created equal,…

Why Leaders Ideas Must EVOLVE, As Our World Does?

In our, ever – changing, world, we need public officials, who, realize, the must adapt, recognize/ admit challenges, needs, and priorities, and be prepared, ready, willing, and able, to EVOLVE, in a well – considered, manner, rather than procrastinating, and/ or, denying the need, to do so! President Donald Trump seems to prefer, using the same – old, same – old, techniques, ideas, and mind – set, rather than evolving his perspectives, and considering, with an open – mind, various, options and alternatives, and choosing, the finest one, to move us, forward, in a relevant, sustainable manner! We have witnessed this, in…

Meeting Of The MINDS!: Why It Matters?

How can we, make the way, this nation, operates, and how, our citizens, are served, and represented, better, unless/ until, we prioritize, bi – partisan government officials, who, instead of making their personal/ political agenda, and, self – interest, their priority, emphasize, seeking common – ground, and bringing us, together, for the greater good, and resulting, in, a meeting – of – the – MINDS? Although, we have always, witnessed, some degree of partisan, political behavior, it seems, the last decade, or – so, this has, reached, a concerning, disturbing level, where there seems to be, little, to, no effort,…

Why Americans Must Protect All Their RIGHTS?

What does it mean, when one refer to the United States, as the land, of the free? Isn’t it interesting, many of the same people, who proudly state that, often, seem to only care, selectively, about some (certain) of the rights, freedoms, and liberties, rather than all of them? If we permit the country, to be guided, and/ or, governed, based on any specific, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than conforming to the concept, of, liberty and justice, for all, doesn’t that create conflict, polarization, and the antithesis, of equal rights, and justice?

Demand They ENRICH Us, Not Them!

Aren’t you, sick – and – tired, of, our public officials, focusing on their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than how, they might be able, to ENRICH us? What happened, to the concept, of, service, and representation, focused on all our Constitutional guarantees, and protecting all our rights, instead of selective ones? Freedom of speech, a free press, the Right to Assemble, etc, must be enforced, as powerfully, as the often – politically – charged, Second Amendment!

Beware Of The Political MIRAGE!

Have you ever witnessed, any recent, sequence – of – events, and thought of the analogy, of using, smoke – and – mirrors? Historically, many politicians, have successfully, used, and implemented, the politics of diversion, and using some political spin, for their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! However, recently, it seems, we have seriously, significantly, gone – beyond, that level, and, are experiencing, an attempt, at, creating a MIRAGE, and, what, Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s Senior Adviser, calles, Alternative Facts.

The Dangers Of Trump’s Changing NARRATIVE!

A NARRATIVE is usually defined as one’s, written, and/ or, oral account, of a specific event, or set of events. From time – to – time, nearly everyone, engages in this behavior, but, when this seems to be a common – practice, by the man, who occupies the highest office, in our land, it is, at the very – least, confusing, and, perhaps, extremely harmful to creating an inspiring, motivating vision, and plan/ course, of action, which, might have a possibility/ chance of creating a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good! It seems, nearly, every day, President…

Vote Them Out, If They Don’t Prove They CARE!

Have you ever heard, any politician, and/ or, public/ elected official, state, publicly, they don’t CARE about those, who they are supposed, to represent, and serve? On the other hand, how many times, have you witnessed, these same people, often, perform, in a way, which seems to, clearly, demonstrate, and indicate, they don’t? Shouldn’t a commitment, to genuinely, put the interests of their constituents, ahead of their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, be, an absolute necessity?

If They Won’t LISTEN, Don’t Vote For Them!

Many Americans complain, about the political system, and the lack of quality representation, they receive, from those, elected, supposedly, to serve and represent them! However, no matter, how long, this continues, the pattern, still doesn’t seem to change! How can it, or can they better, do, what they should, when, they, so rarely, seem, ready, willing, and/ or, able to LISTEN?

Why Public Leaders Need A FLUID Plan?

Have you ever though, public officials (especially, elected ones), far – too – often, seem to, either think – outside – the – box, using quality, innovation, imagination, and thoroughly, considering viable options and alternatives, with an open – mind, and/ or, proceed, without a well – considered plan? Unless/ until, these individuals, we, supposedly, elect, to serve and represent, all of us, for the greater/ common good, do, both of these, and proceed, in a FLUID, planned manner, constituents, the nation, and, perhaps, the entire world, loses! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and…

Why America Must Protect All American RIGHTS?

What does our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and, way – of – life, mean, and represent, if we don’t demand, all RIGHTS, are protected, and respected, and, not, merely, those, someone, agrees with, and prefers? One of these protected rights, is the Right to Assemble, which means, protesting, whenever, one feels, there is any degree of injustice, and/ or, inequity! Historians, often, point to, the Boston Tea Party, as one of the most relevant acts, of protesting, in the founding, and independence, of this nation.

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