OMG! Mother Warthog Rushed To Bite The Leopard’s Mouth Off To Save Her Baby – Cheetah vs Wildebeest

6 False, Pandemic – Related Perceptions/ Beliefs

One of the greatest challenges, during a period, where a significant portion of the population, seem to, either, believe, or perceive, certain ideas, theories, and/ or, fake facts, is, these people, tend to become, zealots, refusing to cooperate, or, even, consider, objectively, looking – at, the actual facts, science, and/ or, listening to what the true experts, state! 2020 will probably be considered, in the future, as the year of this horrific pandemic, where, although the United States’ population is, only, 4.5% of the world’s, we suffered, approximately 25% of the cases, and 20% of the fatalities!

Why We’ll Only Have Better Government, When We Elect Better Representatives?: 5 Reasons

Instead of resorting to, blame – and – complain, and complaining about the system of government, and/ or, any other, overly – simplistic reasons, if, we, truly, want better government, which focuses on, and emphasizes, the principle of, for – the – people, we need to take personal responsibility, as voters, for how we choose, to vote for, and our reasoning, and rationale, in selecting a specific individual! After, more than four decades, of working on/ for, political campaigns, and/ or, civic – oriented, organizations, I feel, strongly, it’s important to educate our citizens, to make their choices, based on…

Is Focusing On ‘The Elites’ Distracting Humanity From The Inner Work That Needs To Be Done?

It could be said that, at this point in time, there are more people than ever before who are looking into what is taking place behind the scenes, so to speak. Thanks to the amount of information that is available, this is not something that takes much effort.

Critical Condition

It seems that who ever inscribed the Georgia Guide Stones when they scripted reducing the worlds population to be in balance with nature may become a real reality today. That maybe has just become a reality. Here in the United States we are doing a real fine job of doing just that considering how we failed to fully protect our citizens from the onslaught of this deadly Pandemic.

Shouldn’t There Be Some Common Sense Priorities, We Can Agree Upon?: 5 Examples

Despite, all the partisan, political differences, and degree of vitriol, we witness, in this heavily – charged environment/ atmosphere, shouldn’t there be, some issues/ area, most of us, are willing to consider, with an open – mind, attempting to create a necessary, meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good? While, I realize, common sense, is, far – too, rare/ uncommon, in the political – circus, what sense does it make, so many, seem to, consistently, repeatedly, vote for individuals, who seem to ignore the common good, and focus on their personal/ political agenda, and self -…

Desperate Times

Today’s realities are filled with desperate times. Desperate times for millions the world over. For they are the ones who can’t escape the oppressive realities of their existence.

Promises Broken

At a time of great distress all across the country our political leadership has once again failed to deliver on promises that would up lift millions of Americans out of the desperate times they face. The economic and financial relief that was the keynote of their campaigns especially in the Georgia runoff, a promise and commitment to immediately expedite financial aid to millions of Americans who face unprecedented economic and financial hardships is once again proof that our political system is corrupt. Corrupt in every sense of the word.

6 Reasons, Climate And Environmental Protections, Are Essential!

Although, it seems, some prefer to deny, the reality of Climate Change, and its potential damage, and, often, minimize the need to protect the environment, especially, as it relates to clean air, and water, the reality is, unless/ until, this planet, begins to, not only, take it seriously, but proceeds, proactively, with a well – considered, strategy, we endanger the health, and well – being, not only, currently, but, of future generations! When, historians, and environmental/ climate experts/ professionals, look – back, at this nation’s behavior, and leadership, especially, these last – four years, they will, probably, feel, our actions…

5 Reasons Many Elected Officials Don’t Act In Constituents Best Interests!

It is bad – enough, so many elected officials, don’t represent their constituents, or the nation’s best – interests, etc, but, perhaps, even – more disturbing, so many, accept it, and, even, keep voting for these individuals, who seem to clearly, care more about their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, than, assuming their responsibilities! Why do we continue, seeing this, and, why, do voters, either, ignore, or pay insufficient attention, to seeking better service and representation? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 possible reasons, and why it…

5 Keys, How Rhetoric, Vitriol, And Conspiracy Theories, Made This Pandemic, Worse!

For, over a year, the world, has suffered, from one of the worst, public health crises/ threats, of, all – time! However, the United States, with about 4.5% of the world’s population, has suffered, at a dramatically, greater rate, with about one – quarter (25%) of the cases/ infections, and about one – fifth (20%) of the fatalities, from this horrific virus!

8 Areas We Need To Pay More Attention To The US Infrastructure

For, far – too long, this nation’s leaders have seemed to ignore certain essential necessities, especially, in terms of the aging, deteriorating, infrastructure, particularly, in our older, larger cities, apparently, for the sake of prioritizing, populist things! Who hasn’t witnessed, issues, related to our bridges, tunnels, roads, and mass transit, and been concerned, with its durability, and/ or, ability to handle the potential stresses, and strains, into the future? It seems the politicians, often, speak – about infrastructure, but, rarely, do anything, about it!

Without Tolerance Of Others, There Is No True Freedom!: 5 Examples

How can we, Americans, consider this nation to be the land of the free, unless/ until, everyone commits to proceeding, consistently, with as much tolerance, of others, as possible? Those Constitutional guarantees, and freedoms, which we consider, makes us, different, from most of the rest of the world, if, they aren’t absolute, and unconditional, rather than, merely, selective, and convenient! Shouldn’t we, respect all the rights of others, instead of only, being guided by our personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest?

Invite For Rebellion

In the years following the Great Society pushed through by LBJ no longer is there a common denominator that bridges the ever widening crevasses that keep pulling this nation apart. The storm clouds of open rebellion have already been formed. Formed not only by governmental policies that have totally disregarded the welfare of the majority of citizens but from the previous four years of an incompetent Administration.

Beware Of Political Titles!: 4 Examples

It seems, to many, we are witnessing a period, where Americans, seem, unwilling to consider, what others feel and believe, and this partisan atmosphere, seems to be greater than, at any time, in recent memory! Instead of proceeding, with an open – mind, many appear, to take, the easy – way – out, and, resort to a form, of, name – calling, using simplistic labels, rather than seeking, any, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! In addition, not only, is attempting to pin – hole, and, over – simplify, ineffective, but, it often, is inaccurate.

The Missing Pages Of American History Part II

In an age of unprecedented global warming where the world is fast approaching the point of no return the need for emission free co2 energy is imperative for the survival of humanity. Today, we are just now understanding the very concepts that would allow man to transform our energy grids with non combustible energy sources. More that four fifths of the worlds sources of electric energy comes from the very fuel sources that contribute to the horrific climate changes that are ravaging the planet.

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