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Don’t Lose Your TEMPER!: Laugh At His Lies!

If your political opponent, consistently, resorts to lying, and articulates, what his former, Senior Adviser, refers to, as, Alternative Facts, debating, and running a political campaign, against him, becomes, even, more challenging! Whether, intentionally, or, not, it seems, President Donald Trump. does so, in order, to motivate/ inspire his core supporters/ followers, and, force his political opponent, and/ or, opponents, to over – react, and lose their TEMPER!

How To DEBATE A Serial Liar?

Effective debating requires preparation, acquired skills, exemplary knowledge/ expertise, debate – specific skills/ abilities, and the ability to think – on – one’s – feet, in order to effectively, respond to whatever, one’s debating opponent states, and/ or, claims! However, this works, when all parties are ready, willing, and/ or, able to play, by – the – rules, without distorting, and/ or, manipulating the facts, and/ or, data, to enhance one’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! What can one do, when the other party refuses to do so, either willingly/ by – design, and/ or, perhaps, may…

Legendary Indian Playback Singer SP Balasubrahmanyam Succumbs to COVID-19 Aftermath!

SP Balasubrahmanyam is perhaps the only Indian playback singer to have enjoyed five-decade long fame without a plateau with fan following across India and the world irrespective of the language barriers…

DJT: The Man for the Moment

That Americans have elevated a showman such as DJT to center stage demonstrates that the crisis phase of our social cycle is upon us. Americans have a choice to make: continue down the self-destructive path DJT highlights or let go of hate and fear and begin again. The choice is one we each have to make; including you.

When One Lies Often, He Doesn’t Earn The TRUST!

When, even, the President’s Senior Adviser, stated, her boss doesn’t lie, it’s simply, instead of what some consider, facts, he offers, alternative facts, doesn’t that seem, to be dangerous, to the well – being, of our nation, and its citizen? Political fact – checkers proclaim, President Donald Trump, has articulated lies, misleading and/ or false statements, etc, at an unprecedented rate, which has increased, in the past year, or so! The reality is, one of the greatest obstacles, to this President, and his potential ability, to bring us together, for the greater good, is his tendency, to misstate the facts,…

Without FREEDOM, How Can America Be Great?

Don’t you find it, somewhat, confusing, and, perhaps, hypocritical, the same individual, who consistently, uses the slogan, Make America Great Again, seems to have, become, a potential, clear and present danger, to any possibility, because, he selectively, chooses, how he might consider, FREEDOM, liberties, and rights, for – all? When the President, seems, more supportive of his core supporters, than all his constituents, and is willing to equate the activity of peaceful protestors, with the actions of White Supremacists, and refers to the Free Press, as the Enemy of the People, what does that indicate? How can America, be, as great, as…

Do You Trust SCIENCE, Or His Opinion?

Every public health scientist, and expert, states, it is essential to consider, understand, and follow the SCIENCE, and gather, and properly apply, and use, all relevant data, in order to make the wisest decisions, in terms of strategic and action planning! Despite, the fact, President Donald Trump, claims to be a stable – genius, and, seemingly, in nearly, every area of governing, from the military, to financial markets, to the handling of this horrific pandemic, opposes the perspectives, and views, of the experts, even, those, he appointed, especially, when they seem to disagree/ oppose, his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self -…

The Harvey Girls – Women Who Opened the American Wild West

The Harvey Girls is the story of the pioneering women who worked at Fred Harvey’s restaurants along the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway in the United States from the 1880s until the mid-1960s. As westward expansion spread across the United States, the railroads followed. Feeding the passengers on cross-over train journey’s became the inspiration that resulted in the Harvey girls. The Harvey girls made travel in the Wild West a lot more enjoyable by serving tasty meals in pleasant surroundings.

Why SERVICE Must Be The Primary Emphasis?

Regardless, of one’s poltical affiliation, or party, or, even, one’s overall, priorities, perceptions, etc, each voter must demand better, and more effective leaders, than, we have generally, elected! There must be certain issues, which are, considered, above – politics, and every public official, must provide, the highest degree, and quality, of relevant, SERVICE, not only to those, who elected him, but to all citizens, he, supposedly, serves and represents! Although, we have often, witnessed, too much, partisan politics, in recent memory, we probably, have not, ever, observed this, to, as large an extent, as we are currently witnessing!

Why Data, And Science, MATTER?

When someone, in a position of leadership, and public trust, claims, he trusts his instincts, and mind, more than, any experts, because he is, a stable genius, it generally, doesn’t bring – about, the proactive, well – considered, strategic, and action plans, which would be most beneficial! It has become, even more apparent, during this horrific pandemic, because Trump’s apparent, disdain, for science, and data, has created, what might, kindly, be referred to, as an erratic approach, to containing it, and flattening – the – curve! The reality is, understanding, and taking advantage of the science, and public health experts…

5 Concerns When Politicians Say, Law And Order!

We’ve seen this before, but, perhaps, not at the scale/ level, we are presently witnessing! In the past half – century, this is, at least, the third – time, it’s been a politician’s weapon! Who can forget, Richard Nixon, using this rhetoric, in 1968, or Ronald Reagan, in his 1980’s campaign, and, perhaps, because, it seemed to be effective, then, Donald Trump’s campaign, has taken this, to new heights!

Why We’d Be Better – Off, If He Learned, The Art Of LEADING?

Many of this President’s core supporters, were, initially, attracted to him, by what, they considered, his celebrity status. This was created, by his appearances, in a successful, reality – television, series, and his original reputation, was largely developed, by his best – selling, book. However, these factors, do not translate, to desirable, prepared, quality stewardship, of the highest office, in this land!

What The Data Says About The Handling Of This Pandemic?: 5 Examples

The current, horrific pandemic, has already, taken more American lives, than every 20th Century war, and/ or, police action, except for World War II! It has gotten, so extreme, we have reached approximately, half of the American deaths, during that war, also! Sadly, several public health experts, state, unless/ until, our public leaders, change their approach, and, follow the science, instead of making statements, based on, either political considerations, and/ or, failure, to consider, the potential ramifications, of proceeding, in another manner!

Will He Put You FIRST, Or His Self – Interest?

While many of his core supporters, appear, to, either, agree with, support, validate, and/ or, don’t care, about the apparent, quality of character, of Donald Trump, many others, seem to be, extremely concerned, about, whether his priority, is, the best interests of the America people, or, predominantly, about his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Wouldn’t it make sense, if the electorate, committed, to fully considering every candidate, in terms of his preparedness, readiness, and skill – set, related to serving in the highest office, in our land? Will this President, put you, FIRST, or prioritize, himself, his interests,…

Real Representation Requires Quality Of CHARACTER!

While, voters often vote – for, individuals, who, fail – to serve their best – interests, if, we hope, to avoid, electing individuals, lacking any desire to serve and represent us (our interests), and only, serving their own personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interests, they must start, examining, considering, and accurately, determining the essential quality of their CHARACTER! Consider, whether, a candidate, seems, to make things, all – about – him, or, is willing to effectively listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, to discover the perceptions, priorities, needs, etc, of their constituents, and proceed, with genuine empathy! Do…

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