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When I Was Young

The sounds of silence so soothing to hear where visions of my past so often appear. We all should remember the tranquility of those simpler days where we had seasons in the sun. Rita, Ann, Mary-Lou and Sue were just a few of the girls I once knew.

The Yoke of Domestic Workers in Nigeria

Samuel Akpan, a 49-year-old indigene of Abak Oko in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, read English and Literary Studies at the University of Calabar. Today, he earns N30, 000 every month working as a contract security guard with a pharmaceutical firm in Ilupeju, Lagos. “Security guards contracted out to guard companies and private residents are not paid uniform salaries, depending on their beats or locations”, he said.

An Outrage

In the years leading up to the Great Pandemic the world was already poised for the tempests that would sweep across the globe. The sheer magnitude of human suffering was already amplifying the tragedies that are playing out today. With malice intent and by shroud manipulation by the power structure of the world have always had deaf ears to the cries of the impoverished multitudes.

Serving God and Humanity the Edwin Achum Way

Edwin Achum, a chief, philanthropist and community leader, from Achalla in Awka north local government area of Anambra state, south-east Nigeria, died last week Friday in Lagos, at the age of 80 years. But, while on this earth plane, the late Achum, born in Achalla, March 15, 1943, was trained at the University of Nigeria Nsukka-Nigeria, where he bagged a degree in sociologist and anthropologist. He distinguished himself and served our country with an estimated population of 203 million people now, devotedly.

Isn’t It Time To Restore All Our RIGHTS?

One of the key components, of the United States Constitution, is the Bill of Rights, which were those basic things, our Founding Fathers, believed, were essential parts, and guarantees, in the new nation! Without all these RIGHTS, as opposed, to what we often, witness, is selective applications, of, only those, which serve someone’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, how can we claim, to be the land of the free, etc? This nation fought England, in the Revolutionary War, and, then, less than a century later, battled, within, with this nation’s, Civil War, to create and stand – up, for…

6 Restrictions Needed On Future American Presidents

If, we don’t want, future Presidents, to ignore, much of the normal behavior, we expect, and deserve, from the individual, we elect, to serve and represent us, it will be necessary, to ensure, enforceable rules, regulations, and ethical requirements, to be, firmly, in – place! Whether, one opposes, or supports, Donald Trump, he should be able to admit, his behavior, actions, rhetoric, amount of lying, adversarial actions, and refusal to accept, the ethical requirements, have been, potentially dangerous, to many of the basic necessities, including equal enforcement of laws/ justice, normalized foreign policies, greater transparency, clear – cut, ethics, etc,…

Now Playing “The American Tragedy”

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to take steps to rectify those crisis that have continued to subjugate the population to wallow in desperation praying for better times ahead. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And, that is what we have here and what is called for us to do today.

The Year 2020 A Catch 22

What started out in January of 2020 half a world away is where we should have known the dangers that lay ahead. But, we were either ill informed or were denied the opportunity to acquire and safely implement the safety protocols that would have minimized the disasters we are facing today. The levels of incompetence of the Trump Administration in response to this Global Pandemic has led the United States into the worst catastrophe since the Great Depression.

What We Do Next, Will Determine America’s Future!: 7 Examples

For those, who used – to claim, and believe, their vote didn’t matter (make any difference), the elections of 2016, certainly, should have proved, to them, elections often have consequences! In these past few years, since them, we have observed a degree of polarization, and division, as this nation, probably has not witnessed, since the Civil War! Sustainable issues, such as environmental protections, Climate Change, etc, have, either, been ignored, denied, or steps taken, to attempt to, at – least, partially, destroy!

5 Long – Lasting Ramifications Of Trump’s Presidency

How often have you heard someone say, it doesn’t matter who he votes for, because, they’re all the same, anyway? For, far – too – long, Americans have permitted their apathy, and/ or, naivete, control elections, and, America has often suffered, because the level of leadership, especially in the areas of ethics, and/ or, integrity, have, nearly, disappeared! Although, he lost the popular vote, in 2016, Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency, by winning the Electoral College.

Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani

By simply saying that “I LOVE MY COUNTRY” wont replicate and reflect our patriotism except we start loving and shopping for our locally produced items our said patriotic sentence can be dealt with as mere eye-wash. Real patriotism reflects via realistic method and no longer through giving superficial patriotic statements. If we need to be a true Pakistani, then we should purchase our locally produced items.

The Audacity Of The Republican Party

As the United States sinks beneath the waves into obscurity the rest of the world watches the antics of one man’s desperation. The Trump Administration since day one has been played out like a never ending bad soap opera. The tirades, the utter contempt for truth, and the sheer audacity of his behavior has put this nation on notice that we have as a society succumbed to a much lower standard of acceptable behavior.

Will Trump’s Legacy Be Based On Real Facts, Or Alternative Ones?

Although, many politicians, and public officials, unfortunately, resort, at – times, to a degree of political spin, never before, in recent memory, have we witnessed any individual, consistently, articulate a message, based on denials, doubling – down on these, calling anything, which he disagrees with, or disagrees with him, as fake facts, etc, as we have, these last few years, from Donald Trump! Many believe, our Presidents are often, judged, not solely, on their political popularity, during their tenure, but, on their legacy! In the vast number of cases, while, we might disagree with an individual, in – office, based on…

Critical Thinking: What Does America Need To Do For This To Be A Time of “Healing”?

If someone is into politics or if they just pay attention to the mainstream media, they probably will have heard that the next four years will be a time of “healing”. This is something that the next president has said and this source has routinely spoken about.

Critical Thinking: Will It Be A Time Of “Healing” When The President Leaves The White House?

For a little while now, numerous mainstream media sources have said that it will be a time of “healing” when the current president of America leaves the White House. This is also something that has been said by the person who is seen as being the next president of America.

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