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6 Guidelines For Better Future Presidents

Especially, these days, many people, complain about the current President, in terms of his behaviors, ethics, actions, preparedness/ planning, etc! However, if, we truly, wish to avoid, a recurrence of this, and proceed, to learn some important lessons, for a better future, it is essential, for us, to make certain, necessary changes, and enact, specific guidelines, to make this nation, saner, and better! Although, there are probably, many needed changes, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 specific guidelines, to, hopefully, bring – about, future American Presidents, who better serve, and represent, all American citizens,…

Making Justice, More – Just: 5 Needed Changes

Most Americans consider this nation, an example, for the rest of the world, in terms of the most desirable degrees of freedom, justice, and liberty. However, in recent years, many have come to realize, in far, too many instances, these privileges, and so – called, guarantees, seem to be selective, and often, limited to those, who are most – advantaged, either, because of their rights – of – birth, economic advantages, or some other factors, such as race, ethnicity, etc! If we wish to, truly, make America, greater, instead of simply using that, as a campaign slogan, we must ensure, rights, and…

Critical Thinking: Are The People In Power A Reflection Of Humanity?

Irrespective of whether it relates to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom or the president of America, there is no shortage of people who don’t like the person who is the leader of their country. Of course, there are people that do or these individuals wouldn’t be where they are.

Crimes Against Women: The Bestial Lows!

The powerful upper castes here continue playing the dominating roles as landlords, politicians, criminals, rapists and mafias. And they work in tandem forming a huge empire of vested interests that percolates down favorably to the local authorities, including the police in particular…

Why Most People Don’t Like A BULLY?

One of the essential realities, for most people, is they don’t like a BULLY, for a wide – variety, of reasons! Whether, one supports, and/ or, opposes, President Trump, and his ideas, approaches, etc, any objective observer, based on his history of rhetoric/ vitriol, finger – pointing, blaming and complaining, and, manner/ manners, and, especially, after his recent debate performance, would have to agree, Mr. Trump, is, either, a bully, or acts, like one!

Reopening Too Soon: Not Only Foolish, But Dangerous!: 5 Reasons

President Trump, has often, urged many Governors, to reopen state’s economies, and schools, by certain deadlines, instead of, effectively listening, and following the advice, of public health experts, and scientists, etc! He has appealed to his core supporters, by, minimizing the impact and severity/ risk, of the pandemic, and, seeming to imply, whether one complies, by assuming social responsibility, social spacing, and wearing a mask, is personal choice. In turn, a large number of these individuals, equate any public health measures, which may limit, their so – called, freedoms, as illegal, and wrong!

4 Key Reasons, Trump’s Blaming California, For Fires, Lacks Merit Or Understanding

Record – setting, floods, ice melting at Earth’s poles, damaging hurricanes, and our West Coast forests, on – fire, etc, may be coincidence, or, indicative of significant warning signs of Climate Change! However, President Donald Trump, often, minimizes the potential harm from what was formerly, referred to, as, Global Warming, even, proclaiming, his removing this nation, from the Paris Accords, was a great accomplishment, and beneficial, to the United States. With much of the West Coast (Washington, Oregon, and California), have been experiencing horrific fires, for quite some period, and, rather, than sending help from the Federal Government, Trump has…

Why We Need Far, SANER Leaders?

Today, perhaps, more than, at any time, in recent memory, this nation, and much, of the rest of the world, would benefit, by having, far, SANER leadership! Instead of, focusing on President Trump’s, apparently, favorite, slogan, which is, Make America Great Again, the real need, to emphasize, making it saner, and more focused, on relevant, sustainable paths, of actions, which best align, with what is greatest, about this nation! How can we expect, a less – divided, nation, when the present occupant of the White House, often, appears, less, of a diplomat, and/ or, statesman, and more, like a spoiled – brat,…

It’s OK To Have Opinions, But Not Your Own VERSION Of Facts!

Although, each of us, is entitled to our own personal opinions, and this right, should, and must be, protected, it doesn’t give us the right, to present these, as facts! When this President’s Senior Adviser, attempted to spin events, she proclaimed, Trump doesn’t lie, but simply, introduces, Alternative Facts! Why do some people, seem to believe, they are entitled to, their personal VERSION of these?

Does He Seek A CIVIL War?

Some may believe, the Trump Presidency, is, merely, a form of political circus, and, will go away, sooner, or later! Others find his combination of empty promises, rhetoric/ vitriol, making unsubstantiated claims which contradict scientists and experts, and other behaviors, and actions, to be, a clear and present danger, to the health, and well – being of our citizens, and to America’s standing, in the world! Few recall, any previous time, in recent memory, when there was so much polarization, and the degree of partisan differences, in terms of nearly, every significant aspect, of our lives!

7 Important Issues: Which Means Most To You?

Don’t ever believe, it doesn’t matter, who, we elect, as President of the United States, because they’re all the same, anyway? While, few elected officials, may be ideal, and most could improve, if we did not recognize the potential risk/ concern, to our American way of life, before, these past, nearly – four years, should have taught you, otherwise! Haven’t we learned, yet, that governing, by – slogan, does not achieve what’s needed, and necessary?

Is There Anything, More American, Than Protecting These 5 Things?

What does America stand – for, and represent, if we don’t protect, the freedoms, rights, and liberties, which have always, differentiated us, from much of the rest of the nations, of the world? A famous poem, was written, based on the world’s lack of action, when certain ethnic groups, were under- attack, by the Nazis, during World War II, the moral, of which, was, if we don’t stand – up, for others, and protect their rights, etc, there will be no one left, when we need assistance! Many believe, the United States, is presently, witnessed, a concerning period, of time,…

Will Any Of These 5 Things Hurt Trump Politically?

Many believe, President Donald Trump, should be considered, Teflon Don! It seems, no matter, what he says, and/ or, does, whether, it is in the best interests of this nation, in any type, of relevant, sustainable manner, makes very little difference, in terms of his popularity, with his political core supporters/ followers/ base! In the past, candidates had to give up their candidacy, after scandals, which seemed, far less pervasive, than many of the ones, this occupant of the White House, appears entangled – in!

Critical Thinking: Can Someone Change The World By Healing Themselves?

When it comes to changing what is taking place in the world, the general approach is for someone to take action. This will give them the chance to do something about what is going on.

Why Don’t They THINK, Outside – The – Box?

When, the hallmark, key/ principal slogan, of one’s original campaign, and continues, being so, to this day, is, to, Make America Great Again, it should be, obvious, the focus, of that individual, is not, on serving and representing, in a responsible, responsive, relevant way, but rather, fondling, looking – back, at the past, apparently, seeming to, believe, in the famous words of Paul Simon, Everything looks worse (or better) in black – and – white! Instead of, accepting, simply, the same – old, same – old, empty promises, and rhetoric, wouldn’t we, probably, be, far, better – served, if our elected…

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