Elephants of Kilimanjaro

Ancient Greek Impact on Mathematics

Greek mathematics began from the Archaic through to the Hellenistic periods (6th century-BC to the 4th century-AD). Ancient Greek philosophers were drawn to similarities and differences of natural objects and natural patterns. From this, they embraced mathematics for its ability to describe the natural, especially as geometric patterns. They provided the mathematical foundation that all future mathematicians and scientists would continue to develop up to the present day.

Will Trump, Be, Trump, Or Try To Reinvent Himself?: 5 Considerations

It seems, to many, the Republican Party, is, currently, undergoing, an apparent – battle, for its soul, in terms of what, it seeks to represent, into the future! The rhetoric, to – date, from many of its present, public leaders, seems to discuss, more, about, enhancing their political influence/ power, etc, than, articulating a program/ plan, related to policy! There appears to be a divide, between, those, who have thrown – in, with former President Trump, and those, who want to go forward, in a different direction.

5 Obvious Differences In How We’re Handling The Pandemic!

Although, it’s been, only, a little over a year, since the first cases of COVID – 19, were detected, there have been, already, over 112 million cases (28.2 million in USA), and, 2.47 million deaths (over 500 thousand in USA).

5 Things Which Must Transcend Partisan Politics!

The United States is an extremely, partisan, political nation, where, for many years, has become, even – more, so! While, there are usually, several ways, to proceed, which might make sense, certain issues, must transcend these politics, if, we are to remain, the land of the free, and the voice, for equal justice, and human rights, throughout, the world! Shouldn’t our public, and elected officials, put Americans, first, and serve and represent, our best interests, rather than their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest?

What Stimulus

The bewilderment of today’s public where millions are languishing in desperation waiting for government to come to their aid are continually left to fend for themselves. The trust the public had in government has long since disappeared. What is happening in the US and more relevantly in Texas are the results of what happens, is happening and will happen when government fails serving the public.

When You Pay Peanuts

With all the congressional delays concerning the latest Covid-19 stimulus bill that includes raising the minimum wage there are many factors that have to be addressed by business owners and government. We have to remember that in order to have a balanced and stable economy, one that distributes wealth proportionally in societies is to adhere to the “Williams Theory of Economic Evolution.” The theory states: the more people with enough disposable income to spend, save, pay down debt and invest is the greatest deterrent to an unstable economy.

5 Things, We All Must Do, To Beat This Pandemic!

Nearly, everyone, at – this – point, is, really, tired – of, this pandemic, which has changed our lives, for over a year. Instead, of emphasizing, politics, and/ or, absurd, conspiracy theories, doesn’t it make sense, to proceed, proactively, to do something, to eliminate its impacts? Although, the population of the United States, represents, only, about 4.

Will This Become The New Normal, Or An Anomaly?: 5 Issues

Many believe, we are experiencing a degree of polarization, and divisiveness, in this country, unlike anything we have ever witnessed, at least, in recent memory! Although, there has always been a degree of partisan politics, and philosophical (in terms of economic and political philosophies, ideas, ideals, ideologies, and beliefs) differences, until, relatively, recently, the United States elected Presidents, who, held beliefs, in what most consider the political – center (within 5-10% of the middle, either to the so – called, left, or right), and, thus, especially, when it came to major issues, there was room/ space, to create a meeting…

The Political Version Of Taking Your Ball, And Going Home!: 5 Examples

For those of us, who remember playing on school – yards, in what we referred to as, pick – up games, most recall the individuals, who, didn’t like some, particular result, and grabbed his basketball, etc, and took the ball, and went home! Unfortunately, it seems like, the United States political system, has deteriorated, to the degree/ extent, where we’ve seen much too much selfish, juvenile behavior, and far, too – little, responsible, responsive actions, etc! Especially, in the past four years, the rhetoric of Donald Trump, who, constantly, consistently, resorted to blaming and complaining others, and seeming to avoid…

7 Concerning, Persistent Perceptions, Held By Some!

What might it take, to get, some, whose beliefs and perceptions, are so strong, they seem inflexible, and unwilling to fully consider the actual facts (regardless, apparently, of the evidence), to open – their – minds, and realize/ recognize, the elected, public official, they support, was less – than, totally – honest, with them? How often do we hear, and/ or, read, on Social Media, etc, certain individuals, continue, using often – disputed, so – called, facts, to justify their beliefs, and argue – against, anything, to the contrary? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider,…

What Will This Nation Become?: 5 Considerations

For, the last couple, of decades, it seems, the polarization of this nation’s citizens, has widened, in, perhaps, a longer – term, potentially – dangerous manner! However, many of the events, rhetoric, and divisiveness, seemed to, exponentially, grow, after the election of Donald Trump, as President of the United States, in November, 2016! Will we remain, the land, of the free, or, will we no longer, be the example, for the rest, of the world, in areas, such as human and civil rights, freedoms (speech, press, etc), maintaining, guiding, Constitutional guarantees, etc?

Why It Seems Some Don’t Care About The Insurrection?: 5 Possibilities

It would seem, all Americans, regardless of their political preferences/ beliefs, and/ or, who they vote – for, should be concerned about the insurrection, and apparent sedition, and un – American behavior, exhibited on January 6th, 2021, by a riot, damaging and looting, our Capitol, and screaming threats, against certain elected officials. I have often, felt disappointed, by who was elected, in some elections, but, whether I thought, it was a good – choice, or a terrible one, would never contemplate, this form of illegal, dangerous behavior/ actions, we recently witnessed! Many have asked, If these aren’t impeachable offenses, what are?…

Winters Last Gasp

As winters chill lingers on much of the country continues feeling it’s wrath. No respite for those weary souls who are trapped in the harshness of their surroundings. The threats are many who come into this world for most of the past years have unleashed a torrent of displeasures that have only exasperated the human condition.

The Path Out From This Pandemic: Common Sense, Discipline, Social Responsibility, And Time!

For a variety of reasons, the United States, and most of the rest of the planet, for the past year, experienced, the worst pandemic, in over a century! Although, even the original cause of it, is still, debated, there is little doubt, this nation, handled it, worse than many others, did! That is based on data and statistics, because, even though, we only have about 4.

5 Things, How This Impeachment Is Handled, Indicates?

Presently, the United States Senate, is, supposedly, performing its duties, and acting, as a jury, after the House of Representatives, voted to impeach him, and presented, Articles of Impeachment. However, since surveys of the Senators, indicates, not even, 30% of these individuals, are proceeding, with an open – mind, and openly, state their decisions/ verdict, in – advance, how can they, responsibly, perform their duties, as a fair – juror? The real question, and obstacle, this nation is facing, both, short – term, and into the future, is not, merely, whether, Donald Trump, is guilty, but, rather, whether, the way…

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