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Pay Attention!: Don’t Be FOOLED Again!

Does it ever seem, to you, although the candidates may change, the campaign tactics and techniques, often, remain the same? Does the 2020 campaign of Donald Trump, appear, to be, a carbon – copy, of his 2016 playbook? Although, Hillary Clinton, is not this year’s opponent, and Barack Obama, hasn’t been President, in about four years, the current occupant of the White House, continues his rhetorical – exercise, of blaming, complaining, denials, and lies/ falsehoods!

5 Ways Trump Is Unique, But Not Necessarily, In A Good Way!

Whether one, is a core supporter, of President Donald Trump, or an opponent of what he feels, the man, serves and represents, most agree, he is unique! However, where there is disagreement, is, whether, these things, are, for – the – better, or in a potentially, dangerous, harmful manner! Few remember, any four – year period, with so many actions, and behaviors, which seem, at – odds, with the way, any of his predecessors, behaved, and/ or, proceeded.

Why America Loses, When HATE Wins?

Most of us, seem concerned, with the extent, and degree of division, and polarization, in this nation, and, so few people, seemingly, ready, willing, and/ or, able to seek, and address the common good, and a meeting – of – the – minds! Why does it seem, that, so many of President Trump’s core supporters, appear, not to care, what he says or does, because he is, either, their hero, or, they feel, he serves their personal agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Many believe, a major, contributing factor, to how things, are proceeding, is, they share his views, regarding…

Being Tired Of The Pandemic Doesn’t Mean, You Don’t Need To Be ALERT!

Although, having some degree of pandemic – fatigue, is somewhat – normal, when any elected official articulates a message, which attempts to use this, for his personal/ political agenda/ gain, and/ or, self – interest, the net – result, is sending the wrong type of message, to some individuals, making public health efforts, even, more challenging! While, it’s okay to be tired of this crisis, and want it, to go away, the reality is, it won’t do so, by itself! The only way, we will reduce the spread of the virus, and, flatten – the – curve, is, for us,…

Critical Thinking: Why Is It So Easy For The Mainstream Media To Divide People?

One way to look at the current age would be to say that it is the age of division, due to how fractured so many countries have become. In the not-so-distant past, countries were primarily fighting each other and now, some people within countries are fighting each other.

Beware Of Leaders Who Resort To BLAME!

Have you, ever, noticed, how few individuals, seem willing to assume personal responsibility for their behaviors, and/ or, actions? When, it comes to those, holding a position, of public trust, and serving as a public official, shouldn’t it be, a minimum requirement, they assume personal responsibility, for their behavior, and actions, and those, of those, who they appoint, to represent them? Instead, we have repeatedly, witnessed, these past four years, this President, refusing to proclaim personal responsibility/ blame for nearly, anything, while resorting, regularly, to using, BLAME, as an apparent, political weapon, to shield himself, and, perhaps, distort his position, and the…

Repeating LIES Doesn’t Make Them Facts!

Although, we have, routinely, observed, politicians, spin – the – facts, to make themselves, and their ideas, most attractive to voters, we have never, in recent memory, seen, the degree and extent, of, outright – lying, which appears to be going – on, these days! With election day, nearing, every day, we see, and hear, political advertisements, stating a variety of reasons, we should support a specific candidate, and/ or, oppose his opponent. While, this is normal, in watching some of these, nearly, every statement/ so – called fact, seemed, far – less, than, truthful!

5 Important Reasons Science Matters For Public Health

The political discussion in the United States has actually come down to this! The President, publicly, shows his disdain for science and scientists, attacking them in speeches (both, public and private), and makes fun of his political opponent, because Biden says, he would pay keen attention to the scientists, and listen to their advice. While, he often has claimed to be a stable genius, and appears to believe, he’s consistently, the smartest person in the room, whether it relates to public health, the military, foreign policy, economic, domestic policies, etc, it has become, even – more, concerning, when he claims…

What’s Happened to the Basis of U.S. Federalism, the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights?

The immovable substrate or foundation of U.S. Constitutional federalism, or the basis for the separation of federal and State powers, is not an ambiguous matter that involves convoluted legal explanations and opinions by long-winded and pompous judicial activist justices on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), but, rather, a very simple grouping of words comprising the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. This Amendment clearly states that, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Consequently, the powers granted by the Constitution to the federal government are explicitly contained in the original text of the U.S. Constitution. This means that no other federal powers may be added except specifically, and not implicitly, by the amendment process. These basic federal powers are contained in Article 1, Section 8, Article 2, and Article 3 detailing the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial powers. All other powers, matters, and issues are reserved to the States. What exactly comprises these reserved powers, and why are these powers being usurped by the federal government. Read on for an explication of these issues.

Policing Nigeria the Family Support Unit Way

Rape is a state, not a family issue in Nigeria. This is what the police told me when I visited the Family Support Unit building at Sango Ota Area Police Command in Ogun State, Friday, October 16, this year. Off course, I know this is true.

Why It Takes DISCIPLINE To Overcome The Pandemic?

Instead of articulating a changing narrative, accusing his political opponents of a hoax/ fake news, continuing to articulate denials/ doubts, disagreeing with public health experts (for apparent, personal/ political advantage), etc, wouldn’t the health, and well – being of our citizens, be, better – served, if this President, proceeded, with the DISCIPLINE, to address this horrific pandemic, in realistic terms, in well – considered, timely manner! When, the population of the United States, represents, under 5% of the world, and, both, our number of cases, and deaths, exceed, 20%, to – date, it’s very challenging to agree with Donald Trump’s self -…

Vote Like Your Future DEPENDS On It!

Perhaps, more than ever – before, and, certainly, in recent memory, this election might be, one of the most significant, in terms of the future of this nation, and the planet! When, some state, it’s a battle, for the soul of our country, this may be, not merely rhetoric, etc, but, reality! In 2016, about half of those, eligible to vote, didn’t bother, to do, so!

Why So Many Have Lost FAITH In Our Political System?

Nearly, every poll/ survey, etc, informs us, a large number of Americans seem to feel, our political system, is, at – best, broken, or, probably, far worse! People have lost FAITH in the system, and our public officials, because, it appears, far too many of these individuals, instead of focusing/ emphasizing, representing and providing quality service, to constituents, and to our nation, we keep recognizing, far too often, their focus, and priority, is their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! How often have we heard, the same promises, sometimes, worded – differently, and nothing, ever done, about addressing the true…

Why Do So Few Public Leaders Seem To CARE?

Although, we have always, seemed to witness, partisan politics, politicians, and policies, in recent memory, we have never witnessed, this degree of apparent, vitriol, and polarization, as we are currently experiencing. Examining, the apparent, priorities, of this President, as well as many members of Congress, it seems somewhat, apparent, we have far few public officials, who seem to CARE, for anyone, or anything, except their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Shouldn’t it be, a necessity for these people, to care, for the health, well – being, and priorities, of those, they were elected, to serve and represent?

5 Reasons Some, Still, Won’t Wear A Mask

Although, nearly all public health experts, and, epidemiologists, advise us, wearing a mask, would significantly reduce the spread of this virus, why do, so many, still, refuse to do so? Some, including me, largely, blame, President Donald Trump, for much of this resistance, because, at best, he has sent mixed – signals, and, at worst, has articulated a message, doubting the effectiveness value, and safety of face – coverings, which sets the worst, possible, type of example, especially, to his core supporters, who appear to believe, and follow, everything he says, regardless of the facts, science, etc! Common sense might…

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