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5 Common Sense Ideas To Begin To Unify US

After the past four years, where this nation, appeared to be, as polarized, and divided, as any time, in recent memory, we must demand, the newly – elected President, and this Congress, begin to put the best interests of all Americans, first, way – ahead of any partisan politics, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self- interest. Now, perhaps, more than ever, there must be an emphasis, on bringing us, together, for the greater good, and prioritizing, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! Instead of continuing, this dangerous approach, of using polarizing, vitriol, and rhetoric,…

Critical Thinking: Is A Large Part Of Humanity Estranged From Themselves?

In most, if not all, societies around the world, it is normal for a large part of the citizenry to look towards others for answers and to guide them. In a lot of cases, these people don’t just look towards anyone, though; they look towards the experts and the authorities.

Our Quest To Beat The Pandemic: 6 Considerations

This nation has never, at least, in over a century, experienced, a health crisis, such as the one, we have witnessed, this past year! Although, the suffering, has impacted, nearly all parts of the world, our nation’s response, has, certainly, been anything – but – stellar! At this juncture, this nation, with approximately, 4.

America’s Political Experiment!: How Will We Respond?: 5 Possibilities

In 2016, due to a number of reasons, inlcuding, voter’s fears and prejudices, Trump’s perceived – celebrity stratus, the desire to move in a different direction. dislike of his opponent (Hillary Clinton), being inspired by the Make America Great Again (back – to – the good – old days, etc), and the peculiarities of the Electoral College, the United States, elected, an individual, unlike any of his predecessors, in recent memory! Mr.

Critical Thinking: Is Everything “Fake News”?

A number of years ago, the mainstream media spent a lot of time talking about “fake news”. This was seen as something that was “undermining democracy” and had led to a “post-truth world.”

The Crisis Within: The Reshaping Of America

We have witnessed the reshaping of history this past month. It is the reshaping of history that always starts out with a vengeance. And, so it was.

5 Keys To Moving America Ahead!

In 2016, and, apparently, in the years, leading – up, to it, American voters, decided, it was time, to move, in what seemed, like a different direction! Donald Trump, seemed, to have, an uncanny, ability, to attract individuals, seeking this change, many, believing, they were losing their representation, and others, being favored, over them! In recent memory, few remember any individual, quite like Trump, in terms of his rhetoric, promises, and apparent focus, and priorities.

Critical Thinking: Has A Large Part Of Humanity Outsourced Their Perception Of Reality To The Media?

In today’s world, there are a lot of people who looks towards the mainstream media to inform them about what is taking place in the world. In fact, this will be the main source that they look towards to keep them up to date about what is happening ‘out there’.

Fears, Hopes, Needs, Priorities, Actions!: How Will We Proceed?

Many surveys, polls, and other studies, indicate, we are currently, experiencing, one of the darkest – periods, in recent memory, because of a variety of obstacles, attitudes, rhetoric/ vitriol, and the tendency, of many, to deny reality, and, follow our personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than focusing on the common good! Our future, and, perhaps, destiny, will be based upon, whether we pay more attention to our fears, hopes, needs, priorities, and/ or, actions! How this nation, proceeds, into the future, will have significant ramifications, into the future!

Beware Of Political DANGERS!

Those, who proceed, denying, rather than paying keen attention, to the options and alternatives, with, their eyes – wide – open, often, aren’t, either, ready, willing, and/ or, able, to take the best steps, and path, forward, to make a significant difference, for the better! Our public officials, must, consider options and alternatives, with an open – mind, in order to prepare for, and beware of, potential DANGERS, and ramifications, in a relevant, and sustainable way. Simply.

5 Necessities Before You Can Be A Patriot!

There is, perhaps, little, which is more divisive, and/ or, distracting, than our tendency to label, politicians, and political ideologies, using some sort of broad – stroke! We recently witnessed, a mob, referring to themselves, as patriots, illegally, break – into the Capitol, in a violent, destructive way, declaring they were patriots, because they supported, and agreed with the positions, rhetoric, and apparent prejudices, of President Trump, and bought – into his false statements, declaring with no evidence, the elections were rigged (apparently, merely, because, Trump lost). He took his case, to over 60 Courts, and his Justice Department, examined…

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Current Affairs

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A Napoleon Complex

In the days leading up to the January 6th Washington riots we have had a President who has demonstrated from day one a Napoleon Complex. Other infamous leaders of the past have had the same personality traits that have had devastating effects on humanity. Men like Hitler, Tamerlane, and even Napoleon himself all left lasting legacies of horror and carnage.

The New President Must Seek To UNIFY!

Many believe, and perceive, we are experiencing, the most polarized, divided nation, at least, since the American Civil War! Especially, in these last four years, during the administration of President Donald Trump, we have witnessed, apparently, very little interest in trying to cooperate, and seek a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, but, rather, lots of inflammatory, rhetoric (which some felt was populist), and, an overall, negative atmosphere, of, us – versus – them! Instead of the United States, many perceive divided ones, referring to certain places, as red states, while others, as blue ones!

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